Midi files

The choir provides midi files to members of the choir so they can become more familiar with their vocal part. These are either created using the software program Sharpeye or downloaded from various web sites. The files are provided as an aide to learning the music and contain no words, dynamics or musical directions. Cantemus (Newbury) strongly recommends that you purchase music which is under copyright protection to gain the best from these files. Cantemus (Newbury) will immediately withdraw any midi files should it receive a request from a copyright holder to do so.

Music Library

Cantemus is a non repertoire chamber choir with each concert involving new music to learn. Consequently the choir uses a lots of music each year. The choir will only purchase music if it is unable to borrow, hire (at reasonable cost) or print freely downloadable music from the Internet. On occasions the choir receives donations of music from other individuals or groups. The choir is has loaned and borrowed music from other groups in the West Berkshire area and is happy to lend music to other groups on a reciprocal borrowing arrangement. Please contact the choir librarian for more details.

Music Requirements

All concert music is provided by the choir except for the following books: 'European Sacred Music - OUP', 'The Oxford Book of English Madrigals - OUP', 'The Oxford Book of Tudor Anthems - OUP', '100 Carols for Choirs - OUP', 'Madrigals and Partsongs - OUP' and 'Encores for Choirs 1 - OUP' all of which are used on a regular basis by the choir. Should a concert require the use of any of these books then it is up to the member to source their own copy.


The audio files have been taken from concert recordings and are not subject to any copyright restrictions.